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As a pro musician and teacher, I often come across demoralised students who would love to learn an instrument, but are put off by traditional and boring teachers. I always try to offer inspiring sax lessons and make music fun for adults and children alike and so i was thrilled to recieve this message from a student who lacked the confidence to perform

“Hi there Steve – Had to email you!

So after I went home from our lesson – I had to stop by my parent’s house to collect stuff from the weekend. When I got there they asked me to play a tune for them as I had my sax with me. As you know normally I would be dead against this – But was on a high from my lesson (utterly blaming you for this whole thing) and so I indulged them with a rendition of Moon River, while they were in the garden.

Played it all through with no problems (squeak free) and can you believe it – as soon as I finished there was this massive roar of applause!  Unbeknownst to me all the neighbours in the street were out in their gardens and heard the whole thing!! They were cheering and whooping! Well blow me down!

Mum said that she couldn’t believe how much I have improved – they thought it was amazing!”

This is some homework sent to me from my students mother – he is 11 years old

inspiring sax teacher

My Inspirational Person


Lessons available for keen students click here for Teaching Page


Best Sax Teacher About – frankiesax

As a beginner i wasted the first 8 months with other teachers before meeting Steve Turner. In the last 16 months with Steves encouragement and guidance (and a lot of hard work) I am now playing on stage with proper musicians. Likeable and modest about his achievements in the sax world, he has a wealth of experience to pass on. I would recommend new students to make use of his live performance experience as well as the technical side. Despite playing on the big stage with world famous artists like Madness, Steve was humble enough to give up a Saturday morning to take a bunch of his students busking in Brighton, just for the fun of it . Highly recommended.

Excellent Teacher – SteveDunk

“As with most of my generation, I grew up with Madness and have remained a fan to this day. It was therefore with some trepidation that I decided to book some lessons with Steve. They always say you should never meet your idols, let alone stand up in front of them and make embarrassing noises on a saxophone! However, Steve could not have been more welcoming and easy-going. I’d played Sax on and off for a few years and, being self-taught, had loads of bad habits and enormous gaps in my knowledge. Steve has patiently worked through these and the difference he has made to my playing – after only a few lessons – is amazing. As well as the technical aspects, I really needed someone to inspire and enthuse me – to make me want to practice. This he has done perfectly, and the Saxophone is becoming an ever bigger part of my life. Whenever you are learning a new instrument, you need a balance between the discipline of practicing the building blocks and the pure enjoyment of just playing for fun. Many teachers get this balance wrong and their students end up either bored or learning nothing. Steve is one of the very few who let you progress at your own pace, in whatever musical direction is most natural to you, so that learning is easy and practicing never becomes a chore. In addition to his teaching ability and approach, Steve’s obvious love for the instrument, his depth of musical knowledge and breadth of experience across many genres, means I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending him whatever your age, previous experience or musical taste.”


Inspiring Sax Lessons available for keen students see Teaching Page


you can never play too many saxophones

Glastonbury 2014

Glastonbury 2014

What a fantastic Glastonbury 2014.


Having previously played twice before I must say that the Glastonbury Experience is superb.

I left an LP6 gig at Windsor races on Saturday playing to about 4000 people

Windsor Racecourse

Madness crowd at Windsor races

and drove straight to my brothers who lives walking distance to the festival.

Walked in and got my passes sorted and had a well deserved cider! Then i bumped into my Brother (amazing considering how many people at the festival) and went to the Pyramid Stage to catch some of Metallicas set. I wasnt sure if they were right for the Saturday headline, but oh yes – they were amazing.

Walked home through all the mud tired but happy. Sunday comes and off we go back to the festival for an amazing contrast watching the English National Ballet performing their new piece ‘Dust’ written specially for Glastonbury 2014. It was all about WW1 and was very moving. The crowd swelled up well and everyone was transfixed. Then stayed to watch Caro Emerald who was a superb and got everyone dancing.

glastonbury mud

A sea of Mud at West Holts stage

We then worked our way to The Park Stage where The Thunderbirds Orchestra was performing. It was an excellent set of 60’s Thunderbird style TV tunes (had a cider too)

Time to return to the West Holt stage to get ready for my gig. We started at 17:30 to a somewhat reduced crowd (thanks Dolly Parton) but by halfway through our show it was getting packed.

Glastonbury crowd

View from the stage Glastonbury 2014

Dawn Penn came and sang Bangarang and No No No with us and we steamed home to finish at 18:30. changed and legged it as fast as poss to miss the mad rush to beat the traffic.

our set list was as follows…
















The mud was brilliant, the legs tired and the weekend was superb! bring on next year.

muddy boots

Heavy Mud