Sax jamming session with a live band.

This was the 4th time Steve Turner teaching has taken students to a studio for a sax jamming session with a live band. 15 students were invited to progress their tuition to the next level by playing with a real band at this jamming session (next stage up from backing tracks). The first half covered classic Soul Songs such as ‘In The Midnight Hour’, ‘I Feel Good’ and ‘Knock on Wood’. The second half consisted of Blues, Swing and Rock and Roll songs with the students improvising along with the band. These Student sax jamming session are available to all current students on a quarterly basis. Video here

The most important part of any of my students progress is the opportunity to play/show off your skills on a stage with a live band. You can go to a public jamming session but by playing at one of these Blues Jams, you are only playing in front of other students and the band, therefore its a very safe environment. 

One of the benefits in having lessons with a gigging musician is the experience you can gain from talking and playing with the real thing. When you subsequently go on to play in your first band, you will have some idea of what’s expected and how to do it.