Skype sax lessons

Skype sax lessons from the comfort of your own home

I have been approached many times by students seeking lessons from all over the country, so I have now started taking Skype sax lessons. This means you can have private one on one lessons with me from anywhere in the world. If you are busy, have a lunchtime lesson!

Payment is via paypal or bank transfer and no need to leave the comfort of your house.

I have high definition cameras and professional microphones so its almost like being in the room with me.

email for more details.


I have been attending lessons with Steve for about a year after previously studying a ‘classic’ portfolio which, whilst beneficial, wasn’t taking me in the direction I wanted to go. It’s probably fair to say that if I hadn’t met Steve I would have given up the sax.
Steve is very knowledgeable both in practice and theory and brings a phenomenal amount of experience to each lesson.
He is very generous with his time, incredibly patient and encouraging – my family say they have noticed a vast improvement in my playing / confidence since working with him.
He has a great sense of humour which I find very appealing.

In my opinion he is more than a tutor; he’s a great musical friend.

Mike M


I hadn’t played my saxophone for (at least) 18 years when I, nervously, arrived for my first lesson with Steve Turner. He put me instantly at ease and had me laughing within minutes!

His knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for music is impressive and his teaching style is so exciting and uplifting, that I came away absolutely buzzing.

I enjoy my lessons immensely! He is endlessly patient and encouraging and my confidence is growing steadily under his instruction.

Steve is not your average teacher, he is something truly special…he even makes learning scales enjoyable!


Skype sax lessons with Steve Turner