online lessons

Online lessons – the benefits and the pitfalls!


With Covid still about i am offering online lessons if you don’t want face to face lessons (my studio is covid safe and i take every precaution to keep myself and my students safe), I have made a video showing the benefits of taking online lessons or zoom lessons and I hope it is maybe something you can consider. This is not about teachers boosting turnover, it is about the damage that a lack of inspiration may cause and it may have been a while since you last had a lesson. Would be awful for you to give up after all the effort and time you have invested!

You may of course still be playing and practicing lots on your own, in which case, carry on and keep up the good work.

It’s all about practice which means Long Tones and Scales. See my teaching page


With Covid now past us, you can still benefit from the opportunity of lessons with me even if you live a distance away. I have students in Spain, Australia and America and with the tech now available, we have fantastic lessons live from anywhere in the world. 

Try it – you may be suprised how well it works.